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G20 Youth Festival

The G20 Youth Festival is a locally run community centre wherein the young people volunteer to cook and deliver food and food parcels to their local community. The centre also has drop-in sessions for providing support and also fill their community centre with fun activities for kids of all ages to enjoy.


We Support Local Community by Partnering with Mealzo

Picasso teamed up with Mealzo, Scotland’s largest 0% commission online food ordering portal, during May to provide donations to the G20 Youth Festival.

Mealzo worked closely with the team and volunteers from G20 Youth Festival to find out how we could support them. The team made a list of kitchen equipment, stock, and food that would be beneficial for them.

Picasso very kindly then provided a financial donation, which was matched by Mealzo, and then the team at Mealzo set out to gather the items on the list.

We were honoured to be a part of the Mealzo Local Hero of the Month Initiative and would like to give a huge thank you to our customer base as without their support, we would not have been able to contribute.

Picasso are very proud to be named the Mealzo Local Hero of the Month.


To find out more about their full support network, please follow @G20youthfestival and @mealzo on Instagram and Facebook.


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